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When designing Equestrian Facilities for public use, Fairgrounds, Municipal Riding Arenas, Horse Parks and Multi-Use Equestrian Event Centers, experience as a user of diverse equestrian venues, and knowing how a variety of equestrians may use them, enables informed listening, interviewing, and collaboration with stakeholders, resulting in superior outcomes.

A program for a public equestrian venue needs to consider all the details of multiple equestrian users and levels of events, discipline-specific demographics and social area expectations, the trending directions of horse sports, and how to provide flexibility to accommodate other general uses.

Equine event competition has become costly and specialized, and is a main business for many participants. Expectations of the facility, stabling and quality of arena footing for high dollar horses and high stakes competitions have risen accordingly, yet these same facilities must also be affordable for recreational level horsemen and provide an enjoyable time for all.

Safety is paramount when horses and people come together. Insight to how horses think and react to their environment is important in foreseeing design problems. Achieving a competition venue, park or multi-use trail that safely accommodates horses of all types and temperaments and horse owners of varying experience, takes a depth of knowledge that Lynn Long contributes to each project.

Lynn works with Stakeholders, Advisory Groups, Engineers, Landscape and Building Architects, and Master Planning Teams in careful listening, interviewing for ‘must haves’ and ‘wish lists’, and workshops. Lynn Long Planning and Design, LLC provides a high level of expertise in developing practical and creative solutions for cost-effective, safe, user-friendly and popular equestrian facilities, adapting and value-engineering the best aspects of what is innovative and successful across the entire equestrian industry.


Monroe, Washington

Lynn Long Planning and Design was the Equestrian Planner/Designer on a team selected to plan major updates to the Evergreen State Fairgrounds Equestrian Center. Historically the largest and best equestrian venue in the Pacific Northwest, it needed updating to maintain desirability by existing and potential users, and was losing revenue to nearby private horse parks. The challenge to increase revenue was to regain status, and position the outdated Equestrian Center to meet current and future requirements of upper level Western, Reining, and Hunter-Jumper shows, and still keep affordability for local and 4-H groups. LLPD conducted extensive interviews with stakeholders, equestrian individuals and associations, benchmarking against competing private and public facilities. The approved plan includes horse and rider safety and convenience improvements, maximum flexibility for a wider range of groups, simultaneous use by multiple small groups needing affordability, a Biosecurity Action Protocol, and enhanced exhibitor comfort considerations for a positive experience.


Murrieta, California

The team of Lynn Long Planning and Design and Landscape Architects RJM was selected by the City of Murrieta to design a new Equestrian Events Park repurposing the historic Murrieta Stud Farm, the only remaining 60-70’s era Thoroughbred farm in Murrieta. Extensive Interviews and stakeholder workshops revealed the importance of keeping the historic farm character in a versatile and park-like horse show facility for introductory to regional level events.

Program: 2 Show arenas, 2 warm up arenas, Large Dressage Court. Renovate historic adobe brick horseshoe-shaped foaling barn, the stallion/breeding barn, and 2 residences.

Goals achieved: Enhancing the bucolic setting with trees and shade pavilions, convenient horse show circulation between five arenas and parking, flood mitigation grass bio-swales, and multi-purpose use to meet City cost recovery operational mandates.


Williamson County, (Austin area), Texas

Lynn Long Planning and Design is the Equestrian Designer/Planner on a multi-disciplinary team awarded the project to plan facilities for a 1000 acre new park. LLPD is leading design for a multi-purpose equestrian area to include an outdoor arena, future stalls and covered arena, trails and trails and horse camping areas. . Lynn Long conducted wide ranging interviews with area groups and individuals, and completed an ‘evidence-based’ matrix of facilities and ancillary items from Absolutely Needed to Desirable, that will be value-engineered and phased into the park.


Outdoor multi-use Horse Show Facilities,
Town of Parker, Colorado


Lynn Long Planning and Design was the Equestrian Designer on a team to plan a community multi-use park with day-use equestrian event facilities and trails. LLPD assessed user group needs through interviews and participated in extensive charrettes and presentations. The resulting plan met with wide approval, and the built facility is in constant use by equestrian groups.



A Community Equestrian Park, North Kohala, Hawaii

Conceptual Design for a 25 acre equestrian park on the Big Island of Hawaii. This park must serve all members of the community from Paniolo cowboys to new members interested in Dressage, and everything in between, plus host community events.

Programming phase: Consulting to determine program elements, and a survey of all potential users to channel politically sensitive, diverse ideas on design into ‘evidence based design’ consensus. Schematic phase: Site visit to lead a community charrette to augment the survey, review the site, assess island-based construction materials, and draft schematic Master Plan. Design phase: Final site Master Plan, construction drawings and specifications for facilities.

Located in Sedalia, Colorado
with option in Camarillo, California

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Outreach Interviewing, Programming to define and prioritize needs

Schematic Design and Master Planning for site and facilities

Specifications and Construction Documents in collaboration with the project team .

Arena Footing consulting for indoor and outdoor arenas

Multi-use Venues integrating equestrian facilities

Biosecurity Protocol Plans

Parks that wish to include equestrian arenas and trails

Plan Presentations to Councils, Committees, Stakeholders