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"I am writing this letter to convey my strongest possible recommendation for Lynn Long as an equestrian planning consultant.

Kohala Equine Educational Center (KEEC) was established in 2008 to provide a multi-purpose community equestrian facility in North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawai’i. We are a project under the fiscal sponsorship of the North Kohala Community Resource Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit that currently sponsors about 65 successful community improvement projects in North Kohala. We are a small rural community with large ranches and a paniolo (cowboy) heritage—together with well-heeled newcomers who bring diverse equestrian interests.

For 2 years we had made our own amateurish attempts to plan the facility without really gaining traction. We finally identified a suitable state-owned parcel, but to obtain a lease requires meeting sophisticated public noticing and environmental assessment hurdles. We researched planning consultants with experience in community rather than private projects. From the first response from Lynn Long, we knew, in the words of one of our team members, that we had “struck gold.”

Lynn immediately showed sensitivity to the dynamics of having diverse stakeholders in a small community. She asks the right questions and listens thoughtfully to the answers. She has an equestrian background in a variety of disciplines that gave her credibility with our local horsemen and women. She introduced us to the concept of “evidence-based design” and laid out a clear plan integrating her work into the state-required environmental assessment and subsequent implementation phases. She even identified appropriate grant funding sources (until that point we had only done grassroots fundraising).

In other words, Lynn created for us a project planning and implementation framework that until that point we had been lacking. As a result, we now have confidence that in the next 18 months we will achieve our goal."

Beth Thoma Robinson
Kohala Equine Educational Center
North Kohala, Hawaii

"The plan and design submitted by Lynn Long to Las Campanas in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is professional, horseman like, and attractive. Considering the needs of the Club members at the time, the difficult terrain, and the flood plain arroyos, the layout is exceptional."

Kent Kramer
Manager of Equestrian Operations
Las Campanas Equestrian Center

Reference: Lynn Long, Planning and Design

During the last 38 years, my firm has retained a variety of design and engineering consultants to complete the design team required for a wide variety of projects. For the last 14 years, we have come to rely on Lynn Long and her company on many of those projects. Our design-build firm provides comprehensive, multi-faceted design solutions for clients; a sister company then is responsible for the actual construction. As a result, our firm and the design team consultants remain responsible for the actual construction budget, schedule and construction feasibility of the proposed project.

I found Lynn a reliable team member, willing to do whatever was asked, comfortable with letting me know when requests could be handled better by suggesting an alternate approach, and maintaining a “can-do” approach to difficult or unusual requests. Lynn is a detail oriented individual and a self-starter constantly searching for creative and innovative solutions to design challenges.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lynn Long . Her willingness to incorporate new technology to improve our projects has been a valuable asset. She is both a team player with good communication skills and an individual whose honesty and loyalty during her time on projects with me has been beyond question.

Robert Herndon,

Located in Sedalia, Colorado
with option in Camarillo, California

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